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The Circus


The Circus


Politicians acting like clowns,

Entertaining little children

With upside-down frowns,

Secretly plotting beneath the makeup

To kill everyone.


Idiots riding roller coasters,

Joy-rides, cyanide,

One wrong move away from suicide,

Enjoying every second of it

Because they don’t know better.


Rich men on the merry-going-round

And around in circles,

Bored and tired,

Listening to the same song play

Over and over and over again.


You and your friend trying to

Knock over the cups,

And you only get three shots,

Not realizing that the cups are weighted,

That they totter, but never fall.


And then there’s me,

Standing outside the entrance,

Watching the circus animals from afar

My head in my hands

Tears streaming down my face.


Wondering if I’m really happier than they are.


One response to “The Circus

  1. As jarringly real as a slap in the face. You really know how to make an impact. This was such a powerful read!!!!!

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