You will find that my blog is separated into categories, satisfying my need for organization in a world ruled by entropy. Basically it works like this:

Life: Stories about my past life, myself and the people in it, in no particular order, but some stories will be put into parts to make it clear what comes when.

The Universe: My online journal. I have bad experiences with writing in a physical journal, so I will keep my journal on WordPress now. I feel I have nothing to hide and that some people may be able to relate to me. In fact, I hope someone can.

Everything: Philosophy about pretty much everything from my point of view. A little hard to understand simply because no one else is me (not implying that I’m smarter than anyone else, simply that my logic is best understood by myself), but like I said in my first post, this blog is mainly a place for me to get out my thoughts, which God knows run rampant all the time.

Short Stories/Poems: The title should give you a clue here, I’ve written plenty of these so every once and a while I’ll post one to share!

Rants: Rants about everything that requires ranting about, which is just about everything.

Lighthearted: A smaller section I imagine, but a necessary one, in which I will put things that are not quite as depressing and dark as the rest of the blog.

Finally, a note about this page. You have no reason to believe anything that is written here, and I encourage you not to find yourself influenced by anything written here. However, I think it is essential that I can be trusted for the points I am trying to make to get across to anyone else. Therefore, my only request to the reader is to be open-minded and honest to themselves about what THEY believe before judging anything I have written.

Thank you!


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