March 1st, 2013

Hey, Troy, what’s up with you, how’s your life been? You suck at keeping up a journal whether it’s online or written by the way. Yes, yes I do. Ah well, much has happened so let’s not waste time bickering. Seems like the past few days have been filled with musical adventures, so it’s been an exciting time. I’m involved in two different bands now, one an indie rock band called “Adara” which I play keyboard in and one unnamed band with a girl named Krystal which I play like whatever I want in. And it’s been good, Adara and I had our first practice last Wednesday and everyone in the band is pretty cool, it’s gonna be good for me to get out more and hang out with fun people so I can get my spunk back that I lost oh so long ago. As for this band with Krystal, I think we still have a chance of going somewhere with music, but more than that I’m glad to be making a new friend! She’s 8 years older than me but acts like a kid still, so it’s all good.
I’ve also still been doing a lot of that silly thinking of mine, mostly about death and what comes afterwards… if anything. It’s depressing to think that there’s not a God. I honestly don’t know how atheists can get by day to day knowing that one day they’ll literally be nothing. I think that’s a scary thought. I don’t truly believe it though, surely the subconscious part of us must live on even after our consciousness is gone, it just won’t be quite the same… no icecream, no sex, no smelling the roses… still, there must be something, right?
What else? Well, I never got sick. EVERYONE IS GETTING SICK. God, it’s annoying. It’s like what’s wrong with you people? I am literally the only person I know from around here who hasn’t picked up the flu at least a little bit it seems! I shouldn’t blame everyone else though, it’s not their fault they have weak immune systems… I’m just blessed I suppose, eh? Or maybe this flu thing is a conspiracy so no one can hang out with me this Saturday, ’cause apparently everyone is busy tomorrow… hmm… just like the moon landing. That was totally fake, I don’t care what you say. Absolute garbage.


Crazy Planet


Crazy Planet


The cars are cacophonous

And the lights are too loud

And the cities are screaming

Because the band is

Out of tune.

The Sun is spitting and the

Moon is moaning and the

Earth is groaning

Because the Conductor

Is missing.


And I can’t help but wonder

Where He might have got to.


Running in circles around

Broken notes and broken strings,

My heart stops beating

Because it’s playing the music

By itself.

And now the cars are stopping

And the lights are dimming

And the cities are shutting up

Because God might still save this

Crazy planet.

February 21st, 2013

Another good day… that’s two in a row! God, that must be like a new record or something… no, but seriously, it starts out with me learning that school is closed ’cause of the snow, so I get to stay in bed for a long time. And I got a lot done today, as far as getting my head together goes I mean. I think branching out a little bit has been helping me, especially this whole pursual of a new band.
Speaking of which, I met with this guy from a band called Adara, which is an indie/alternative band and I was actually pretty happy with the songs he showed me. Like, really happy actually. I’m stoked. I’m gonna have to get my game on and make sure these guys like me, ’cause I definitely wanna be in this band, it could actually go somewhere! And the best part is, I get to be the keyboard player if they let me in, which is what I love doing, so, double-stoked. We’re having our first practice on Sunday, so that’s the fateful day for me. I’m sure it’ll go well, I’m good at the piano and I’m good at coming up with stuff for the piano, so there’s no reason it should go badly.

This is such a foreign feeling to me, but… I feel pretty happy 🙂