You Live Right Here

You Live Right Here



When poets forget how to

Make people cry,

When all of the airplanes

Start arriving on time,


When all those who care can no longer try,

Never forget that I love you.


When all of the music is

Spoken and not heard,

When the words that we speak

Become mundane and absurd,


When the paths that we walk take the darkest of turns,

Never forget that I love you.


When the mountains collapse

And the oceans overflow,

When hatred at last

Becomes all that we know,


When God calls His people and nobody shows,

Never forget that I love you.


Never have I met,

In the time that I’ve lived,

A girl to whom my heart,

I’d so gladly give.


A girl who forever and always will live

Right here in my heart,


Where we’ll never be apart.


Crazy Planet


Crazy Planet


The cars are cacophonous

And the lights are too loud

And the cities are screaming

Because the band is

Out of tune.

The Sun is spitting and the

Moon is moaning and the

Earth is groaning

Because the Conductor

Is missing.


And I can’t help but wonder

Where He might have got to.


Running in circles around

Broken notes and broken strings,

My heart stops beating

Because it’s playing the music

By itself.

And now the cars are stopping

And the lights are dimming

And the cities are shutting up

Because God might still save this

Crazy planet.

February 20th, 2013

Today was a pretty swell day, I thought, not terribly exciting, but swell. I got an A on my Sociology test, got this wonderful piece of artwork from an old friend and even had a poem dedicated to me! What could be better? Well, besides not being so concerned with life and humanity all the time I mean? Ha, wouldn’t you know I’d have to be one of THOSE people. You know the ones I mean. The ones who are born philosophers even though they really don’t want to be philosophers at all because philosophy is such a depressing subject when it comes down to it. I was born to think. That much I can say for myself. I may still have a lot to learn about life and acceptance and forgiveness and God and all this, but I can damn well THINK it to death first.

Also, my music instructor… UGH.

I swear, I’ve never blanked so much when it comes to writing music. Normally it just kind of flows out of me, but you know what Mr. Smith wants? He wants experimental music. Because I’m in an advanced class and normal music is not advanced. I mean here I am composing these catchy little tunes with lots of interesting hooks and changes and he tells me it’s “Certainly competent” but not “abstract.” When the hell did music being abstract make it advanced?! I thought that just meant you couldn’t write a decent song to save your life so you relied on that label “abstract” to save your ass!


I’ll get over it and write something very abstract and share it with everyone when I’m done and you can be the judge of whether or not it sounds advanced to you. P.S. It’s going to sound like shite. Just sayin.

The Eye

The Eye


My sleeves are torn, I’m covered in mud.

The captain lets out a cry.

I can hardly hear as I run from the blood:

“Leave no man behind.”


Peter is down, his leg full of lead.

Pleading God not to let him die.

My legs filled with fear, they can’t seem to stop.

“Leave no man behind.”


As I pass him by, I turn my head,

And Peter begins to cry.

Grief in his eyes, large and red,

“Leave no man behind.”


Once every night, while drifting to sleep,

I encounter this large, red eye.

Its stare is deep and its veins all creep

In directions undefined.


Still now this vision, vulgar and vile,

Arouses a sense of dread:

It brings to my throat a bittersweet bile,

Which works its way onto the bed.


It whispers to me its honest wish,

Oh, the words! they warp my mind.

In a hideously hoarse and horrid hiss, it says

“Leave no man behind.”

13 Things That Make Me Smile


Before I begin to write the other story about me that has shaped my life into what it is today, I wanted to write something a little more lighthearted and optimistic. 13 things that make me smile (13 being my favorite number, not because it’s ironic), not in any particular order at all 🙂

1. Pizza (especially the pepperoni kind)
2. Old couples holding hands
3. Music (of all varieties)
4. People who limp (’cause they’re funny looking, don’t deny it!)
5. Technology, in all its underrated depth and glory
6. Sharpened pencils
7. A good poem
8. A bad movie
9. My silly, bipolar thoughts
10. My stupid, fat cat named Sunny who bangs his head into things
11. Icecream!!
12. The X-Files (that Dana Scully… 😉 jk)
13. The people who make my life a little brighter every day (that includes the elusive Mom who is always out and about making other people’s lives a little easier and the rhyming Cookie who somehow manages to make me feel special even when I don’t believe it myself).

🙂 🙂 🙂

Crossing the Bridge


The old man in the

Coffee shop is

Staring at me, like

I’m a ghost, and

Maybe I am but

Maybe not unless

Ghosts feel chills

Run down to their


But I am a ghost-

I’m a ghost of

The past-

And this old man is


Because of me.

Imagine that!


He’s dreaming about

How quiet it was,

Back when he was I-

How the world wasn’t

Spinning so fast-

And the people weren’t

So loud and

You could get a word



Even if you were talking

About God and

Peace and all that

Shit that nobody

Believes in anymore,

‘Cause who has the time?


But this old man is

Wondering why now,

At the end of his


He has so much time.

I think he believes

In God and peace

And all that shit

And he’s staring

‘Cause he wants me

To believe.

But hell,

I’m already late

For dinner

And I’ve got my whole

Life ahead of me.

The Infinity of Space


The Infinity of Space

Most of us spend our

Whole lives


Wandering aimlessly through

The infinity of space.

But not I.

Somewhere out amongst

The stars, she is


Smiling softly, chuckling when

I catch the wrong orbit.

I find her by chance in

The rings of Jupiter,


For my hand, which I grasp

Tightly in my own.

I say softly into her ear

“I will never let go, my


For no star shines

As beautifully as you do.”

But inevitably we are both

Pulled apart by separate


By Gravity, by black holes

Consuming the last rays of light.

As her warmth leaves me

I whisper


And she floats away, her tears suspended in

The infinity of space.